Arturo Ramírez-Valdez

"My research involves using quantitative approaches to marine conservation, biodiversity assessment, biogeography, and fisheries management. "

Arturo is a recipient of a UC-Mexus CONACYT fellowship to pursue his Ph.D. in Marine Biology at Scripps Institution of Oceanography. Arturo’s expertise is mainly in fish ecology, with a focus on kelp forest and rocky intertidal ecosystems, but he also has a broad interest in marine ecology, biogeography, and marine conservation. An important part of his work is to determine the ecological importance and economic value of the kelp forests in the Southern California Bight, based on their contribution to economies in the USA and Mexico. This includes commercial and recreational fisheries, recreational activities, coastal protection, and susceptibilities to climate change and human-induced degradation. Arturo’s current work aims to better understand the kelp forests of Baja California to estimate the ecosystem's net worth as well as the costs of protection versus continued open-access use.


  • The Gulf of California Marine Program
  • Valuing kelp forest ecosystems in the Southern California Bight: A binational Ecological-Economic approach.
  • Searching for predators in the Pacific coast of the Baja California Peninsula.
  • Ecological characterization of the kelp forest communities on the Marine Priority Region Ensenadense, Baja California.
  • Biodiversity assessment and biogeography of macro invertebrate and fishes on islands off the Pacific coast of Baja California.
  • Biodiversity and biogeography of the rocky intertidal flora and fauna of the Guadalupe island, México.